Hormone Restoration



Change is natural, but that does not mean that you do not have tools at your disposal to help you retain your vitality as you grow older. Most people know that when they hit a certain age, their hormone levels will reduce drastically. For women especially, menopause is often seen as a marker for rapid hormone loss. However, in reality your hormone decline begins in your 20s and continues on as you grow older. At the age of 30, you begin to lose approximately 3% of your hormones per year.


Hormone replacement therapy can offer a solution to treat the loss of estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and thyroid hormones to help maintain a healthy body. This kind of treatment can help with everything from being able to gain muscle mass to being able to retain a healthy weight. Hormone replacement therapy can also significantly improve your sexual performance, provide you with more energy to get through your daily routine, and give you a boost to your vitality overall.

A treatment plan as outlined by a physician can enable you to take back what you lost and, if begun early enough, can even prevent some of the more problematic effects of hormone loss from ever occurring. However, to have these kinds of effects – and for them to be permanent – the long-term use of hormones is generally recommended. Unfortunately, synthetic hormones are not safe for long-term use, so what solution do those looking to maintain their health even after the natural loss of hormones have?

The answer is simple: replace what you have lost with a hormone that is identical at the molecular level. Bioidentical hormones are 98% identical to those hormones that you already have in your body. This is opposed to synthetic hormones, which have been altered at the molecular level and can produce unwanted and often unpleasant side effects in patients.

Bio-identical hormones counter the physical and mental effects of hormone loss without any of the negative effects that synthetic hormones can produce. Essentially, with the use of bioidentical hormones you are not putting anything into your body that does not already naturally occur.

Another of the important differences between the two types of hormones is that bioidentical hormones are prepared at a compounding pharmacy and tailored to meet the exact specifications as set forth by your prescribing doctor. That means that you will receive exactly the dose that you need, via capsules, pills or creams in order to harness the full effects of hormone replacement therapy.

Those looking to recapture their vitality in the most natural manner possible can benefit greatly from the use of bioidentical hormones. Correcting hormone loss and hormone imbalance with these natural hormones can offer you a proactive approach to maintaining your quality of life in the present and for many years to come.